Your comprehensive education and training partner, coach, and advisor for one straightforward fee.

A Partner On Call

As the Chief Learning Architect and Principal Education Consultant, Maru assists leaders in L&D, HR, and other program areas in navigating the fast-paced changes and increasing demands of today's evolving landscape. With a solid foundation in Sociology, a Master's in Adult Education, and extensive experience in information technology, her transformative approach to developing comprehensive curricula, certificate programs, and integrating learning management systems (LMS) not only makes adapting to change almost painless but also significantly elevates their educational offerings—this positions organizations for success in an ever-evolving environment.


Education Consulting

With a wealth of expertise in adult education and a proven track record of crafting curricula that captivate adult learners, this consulting service focuses on transforming complex information into engaging, effective learning experiences that align with organizational goals to be not just informative but transformative to personal and professional growth.

LMS Guidance

With a deep understanding of learning technologies' technical and androgogical aspects, this consulting service offers product-agnostic guidance to selecting, implementing, and optimizing your learning management systems. Lessons learned in the trenches and strategic insights will help you leverage the right technologies to streamline learning processes and improve outcomes.

Learner Performance

Following ISPI’s Developer of Training Standards, this consulting service focuses on evaluating learning outcomes, refining training programs, and aligning educational initiatives with broader business objectives, transforming the learning function into a strategic organizational asset.

Practice Evolution

With a track record of helping organizations adapt, adopt, and thrive through change, this consulting service focuses on specific practice areas to foster a resilient learning culture and ensure efficient management for the future.