Strategies designed to guarantee results and cost-effective delivery.

Our Course Tier Design Strategy℠

SMEs, startups, and product teams seeking to extend their reach, elevate their offerings, and update their training to align with contemporary learning preferences will find our Course Tier Design Strategy℠ an invaluable strategic resource. Our tools are designed to engage modern learners, ensuring that your learners not only acquire the necessary skills but also feel recognized and motivated throughout their learning journey. This approach enhances learning outcomes and positions your offerings at the forefront of educational innovation.


Traditional Design

In this tier, learning follows a linear path. Learners engage with course resources through reading or listening, followed by simple test questions. This is a cost-effective entry point for low-impact, informational, or supplemental learning content, with completion being the primary learning metric.

Basic Design

In this tier, learning involves basic interaction, such as clicking choices, menus, or drag-and-drop exercises to engage with learning content. Courses designed in this manner are well-suited for most learning management systems. This approach offers a cost-effective solution for transitioning from synchronous to asynchronous learning, particularly when the desired learning outcome is information recall.

Advanced Design

In this tier, learning experiences are enhanced through customized stories, dynamic flows, and engaging animations, with subject matter experts (SMEs) actively involved as champions throughout the development process. This tier aligns with established digital learning standards and learning metrics, particularly regarding retention and the application of key performance skills.

Immersive Design

In this tier, e-learning provides a fully immersive experience for learners, utilizing digital environments, simulations, scenarios, and gamification to create a dynamic feedback loop within the learning journey. Development at this level sets a high standard for digital learning, showcasing tangible outcomes in individual performance and organizational effectiveness.