Championing remote and hybrid individual and team development.

Summer Session Open

June-August 2024

Tackle unique challenges and reinforce your professional and personal capabilities to make a lasting impact in your life and your work.

Identify your teaming superpowers

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s famous Five Behaviors® model and Wiley’s Five Behaviors® Personal Development tool, we will delve into the “superpowers,” fostering dialogue and partaking in group activities with others on the journey to fostering a collaborative culture. Included one personal self-assessment. Included in the cost of the workshop are one Five Behaviors® assessment using your secure code at and one Personal Development Profile offering tailored insights into oneself, work style, and collaboration with others.

A blueprint to conquer overwhelm

Based on the blueprint I developed and my book on Kindle by the same name, this workshop will help you leave chaos behind with one simple yet empowering tool. When we become overwhelmed by life’s messy moments, our minds juggle countless thoughts and emotions, hindering our focus and progress. In this workshop, I'll guide you through activating your personalized blueprint tool using a multi-dimensional approach. The class is FREE and includes a download of the Workbook in ePUB format and the blueprint tool in PDF.

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